Stop Making Sense Enamel Pin

PSA Press

*With moving "Big Suit" action*

This is a celebration of David Byrne’s "Big Suit". He came up with the idea while attending a Noh performance in Japan and subsequently speaking with fashion designer Jurgen Lehl while trying to come up with what to wear on an upcoming Talking Heads tour.

"That's the one for my tombstone... Here lies David Byrne. Why the big suit?" - David Byrne

"When he comes on wearing a boxlike 'big suit' — his body lost inside this form that sticks out around him like the costumes in Noh plays, or like Joseph Beuys' large suit of felt that hangs off a wall — it's a perfect psychological fit." - Pauline Kael

Limited Edition enamel pin

2.25 inches

Hard enamel black nickel metal with 4 color fill, moving head/shoulder/torso piece, and three black rubber clutches

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