Stamp Out Poppies Patch

World Famous Original

3.5" Circle - Iron on backing with Merrow edge. 

Sometimes the intent of artwork can change with the state of the world. 

I designed this patch (with a hat tip to Tuesday Bassen's "Casually Cruel" Design) in the early days of the 2020 Pandemic. With everything going on in the world and of all the things to online shame people for - racism, homophobia, not wearing a mask in public / hanging out in groups of people during a pandemic, and countless other things. I still kept seeing so many people deciding to make their personal crusade to shame people hiking in poppy fields. Even when you could tell they were on designated paths. I get protecting the flowers but it was just so overboard. My reaction to that was creating this patch. 

Now I see it more as a police boot stepping on something I love.

For those of you outside the state it could be your own personal "Fuck California" Patch. Art is open to interpretation! 

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