Protect Crypid Wildlife Patch

Maiden Voyage

This is a public service announcement of the Cryptozoology Tracking Society™

We all enjoy the stories that we've heard about cryptids from around the world, but unless you're careful, those stories might go away. Please be vigilant when you're outdoors. Just because you don't see a creature, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Cryptids have a tendency to appear suddenly and thus startle their observers. Most who are lucky enough to witness a cryptid will react in panic to the unusual sight. This results in stress to creature and yourself. Remaining calm saves lives. 

We here at the Cryptozoology Tracking Society™ ask you, the accidental spectator, the motorists, the seasoned outdoorsmen and even the experienced trackers, to please help protect our cryptid wildlife. Enjoy their presence, but respect it, as well. 

Through your awareness and care, we can preserve these elusive treasures of nature for the next generation.

Remember... Only you can protect cryptid wildlife.

Patch Specifications:
• 3.25" diameter
• Iron-on (sewing still recommended)
• Twill backing

© Maiden Voyage Clothing Co.™

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