Mothman Patch - Cryptozoology Tracking Society - Glow in the Dark

Maiden Voyage

general description of the creature was humanoid in nature, but said to possess wings and red glowing eyes! Some encounters were more bizarre than others and over the next year, more and more residents would attribute strange happenings in the region to the Mothman.

This list of bizarre happenings runs the gamut; from UFOs, to lost dogs, to men-in-black. However, the most famous and tragic event occurred on the evening of December 15, 1967. It was rush hour and the Silver Bridge, which spanned the Ohio River, was full of motorists. At once, the the bridge began to violently shutter and with a horrific sound collapsed into the water below; taking with it 46 lives. Today, some people believe the Mothman sightings were a warning of the impending disaster.

Patch Specifications:
• 4.5"w x 2.4"h
• Iron-on (sewing still recommended)
• Glow-in-the-dark
• Felt Backing

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