Lucky Travel Patch - Adventure Knows No Boundries

Maiden Voyage

Introducing the World's Luckiest Travel Patch™ 

This is the last charm you'll need to ensure your journeys are filled with good fortune, no matter the mode of transportation. Inspired by a wanderlust of 1930s travel, adventure and science fiction, our Lucky Travel Patch has you covered with a variety of lucky charms, whose powers combine into one super-charm! This is a great addition to your favorite carry-on, daypack or jacket and makes a great gift for the person that loves travel or travels for a living.

• Four leaf clover (framing the central design)
• Crescent moon
• Lucky horseshoe (depicting the additional 7 nail luck booster)
• Wishbone
• Pair of lucky dice
• Lucky rabbit's foot (*no rabbits were harmed in the making of this patch)

This listing is for one LUCKY TRAVEL patch.

Patch Specifications:
• 4" diameter
• Iron-on (sewing still recommended)
• Never leave home without it!

Design © Maiden Voyage Clothing Co.™

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