I Hate Fun Button

World Famous Original

Okay story time:

Many years ago when Dodgers season tickets were affordable (about $4.50 a ticket for the whole season) I went to games about 40 times a year. Beach balls at a baseball game might seem fun if you're one of those casual 2 game a year type fans, but just like hearing "Don't Stop Believing" during the 7th inning stretch it gets annoying the 100th time you see it. The ushers would catch the balls and pop them when they could so I just started helping them out. I would get boo'd by the entire section of fans. It was exhilarating. I had a collection of popped balls on my corkboard at work. One time a guy next to me stood up and pointed to the top of my head and said "HE HATES FUN!" and the whole section cheered. This button is just to let you know that ahead of time.

The enamel pin killed the 1" button... but the 1.75" Button lives on! 

... or whatever. I just wanted to make some old school BIG buttons. 

Bright Fluorescent Coral and Federal Blue inks

  • Riso Printed in the USA by Risolve
  • Pressed in the USA by Me 




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