Fox In The Woods Patch

Hye Jin Chung

Fox Embroidered Patch made by Hye Jin Chung.

-Patch size: Approx 3"(w) x 3"(h)
-Iron backing

1) Ensure the fabric surface is clean and free of wrinkles.
2) Warm your iron or press to medium - about 240°F or lower if working with mesh or delicates.
3) Pre-heat the location where you’re going to put your patch.
4) Place your patch and put a thin cloth on top of it.
5) Iron with moderate pressure for 5-20 seconds.
6) Turn the garment inside-out and iron the patch firmly for 20-30 seconds.


1) Hand-wash or use a mesh clothing bag in your machine.
2) Turn clothing inside-out during normal ironing.
3) While durable, patch adhesive may not be waterproof.
4) Some materials, like mesh or coated fabrics, may not be suitable for iron-on items.

*Colors may vary due to monitor settings

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