CUSTOM Official Unofficial Fan Club Patch

Little Mascara Goods

You can be a fan of ANYTHING with Wink Vintage OFFICIAL Unoffical Fan Club Patches !

Let everyone know who (or what) you are a fan of with our collab patches with Wink Vintage.

Patches measure 4.5 x 2.25" 

Pick your custom text and thread color- 2 words 10 characters Max. We may be able to stretch that to 11 or 12 like the pictured samples but - Reach out to us in a comment or on the chat button to double check first. The DEFAULT thread color for Blue Patches is WHITE and the default color for Yellow Patches is PURPLE. 

Chain stitch embroidery lends itself beautifully to cursive script lettering, coincidentally ALL CAPS, NUMBERS, and INITIALS do not lend themselves to chain stitch script and may not look great. Please avoid using Initials and Dates/Numbers. If you must - no more than 2 Capitals or Numbers total. Dates must be divided by / and will all be connected in som way. All our embroidery is done freehand style, so you can expect charming imperfections and the appearance of being hand embroidered. We like it like that. If you're looking for something *computer perfect* we do not suggest ordering this item, as it is truly hand made.

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