Complicated Friendships Matchbox Set

Arna Miller & Ravi Zupa

Part of the Strike Your Fancy Series with Arna Miller
Set of 10

From Ravi Zupa:


We just received our new factory-printed Complicated Friendships matchboxes and they look beautiful!

A new round of matchboxes celebrating the complex personalities of some of our closest friends and family!

These are the people in our lives with complex dispositions and attitudes—the overly expressive, stubborn, supportive, unpredictable, confused, self important and so on. Those friends who never fail to bring us joy, even when they’re profoundly frustrating.

These little functional matchboxes are great to keep and display as art or to give as a gift to that special complicated friend. Light a candle, light a campfire, Light the busted burner on your stove. have fun! 

PLEASE NOTE. Because we cannot ship flammable material across borders, international customers will not receive matchsticks in the boxes. The correct sized matchsticks for these boxes can be found at most ordinary grocery stores/supermarkets."

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