Butter Noodles Hair Clip Set

Eugenia Kids

Butter and noodles. No more, no less. These clips are for the picky eaters in your life, or just fans of butter and noodles.

I made these hair accessories with my toddler in mind, so they are easy to place, have teeth that can grip fine hair, and you will absolutely end up taking them for yourself.

Custom cut and polished acetate is personalized with the words "Butter" and "Noodles" which are etched into the acetate and then filled with white and gold ink. Each hair clip is 2” wide x 1/2” tall with a gold mini alligator clip affixed to the back, so it doesn't slide out the way other hair accessories do.

• “Butter" : Separated Butter cellulose acetate with white ink inlay and a gold alligator clip on the back
• “Noodles" : Pale yellow cellulose acetate with gold ink inlay and a gold alligator clip on the back

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