4 Hearts Hair Clip - Red & Pink

Eugenia Kids

From Eugenia Kids-

Oo la la, a heart hair clip? How ~original~. Ok, we know everyone and their mom makes some version of a hair clip with hearts on it, but here's what makes ours special... For such a simple design I absolutely TOILED over these. I wanted them to feel special and unique to us, and after studying some vintage repeating pattern ribbons, I kept coming back to these extra pointy, sorta long, linked hearts that were crocheted together. These clips are stacked in two layers, one base layer of acetate and individually hand-placed acetate hearts. I think the final outcome looks and feels really special and expensive.

• Red rose acetate hearts on a candy pink base layer. gold alligator clip on back. Each clip measures about 2" wide.

I made these vintage-inspired barrettes with my toddler girl in mind, so they are light weight and have teeth that can grip thin and thick hair. These cute hair clips are meant for kids and kids at heart because having fun with hairstyles shouldn't be age specific!

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