Craphound - Big Book Of Unhappiness


Brief Description:
A rich tapestry of trouble: This horizontal-format, tenth issue (in book form) contains over 12,000 collected images utterly bereft of positivity.

Review Quotes:
LiarTown-The First Four Years Since 2013, the 47-year-old has posted such meticulous fakes on a Tumblr blog called LiarTownUSA, a blend of satirical takedowns appealing both to fans of the Onion and to graphic design nerds yearning for perfect pastiches of 1950s erotic fiction or 70s knitting magazines. He is at his funniest, though, when he goes beyond the zone of plausibility and sends up today's smug mores. -- The Guardian Tejaratchi's book is dangerous to open if you're in a place where you're not supposed to laugh really hard or there are children. -- New Yorker

Brief Description:
This rich tapestry of trouble is pure vintage 20th-century imagery, carefully collected from old catalogs, advertising, obscure books, and found ephemera. Its emotionally painful mixture of social commentary and somewhat overindulgent graphic design is intended for education and reference.

Description for Sales People:
  • Lay flat binding
  • Crap Hound has been a cult favorite zine for over a decade, each issue selling out. Unhappiness is by far the largest collection of images.
  • This Feral House Crap Hound is the first in book format!
  • Editor and humorist Sean Tejaratchi, is the mind behind the widely successful LiarTown USA blog and Feral House 2018 release of the same name.
  • First printing: 5,000 copies
  • 85# matte paper stock

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