Grandmaster Clash Font

World Famous Original

Please select and pay for the commercial license if you plan on using the font on anything that will be for sale or advertising anything that will be for sale essentially.  You can download and use the font free for personal projects by selecting Personal Use from the drop down - however if in the future you use it commercially, you must come back and purchase the commercial license. 

From what I can gather from internet searches (so take it with a grain of salt) there was a tee shirt shop in Brooklyn in the 70's and 80's where this typeface orginated. The legend goes that an Old English / Blackletter typeface was simplified enough so it could be cut out of felt letters and ironed on to shirts and jackets of many a rapper and b-boy crew. From Grandmaster Flash to theRocksteady Crew, Biz Markee and Joe Strummer visiting on tour with the Clash. I couldn't find a digital version of this font anywhere so I decided to make one. With a focus on making similar replica shirts of that era - I didn't include much for extra characters but I did throw in some alternate Y's and T's based on different versions I've seen (Do you Like Big Audio Dynamite's "Y" or the version on Joe Strummmer' s "C. City Rockers" shirt?). Either way I hope you like the font.  Available in Opentype format by clicking below. 


Please see the font license for details

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