Crap Hound - Additions 2023 Zine

Sean Tejaratchi

Behold! For the second time in three years, Sean has made an “Additions” issue. This one contains 20 pages of Suns, Moons & Stars, 14 of Superstition, 24 of Hearts & Eyes, 20 of Books & Bees, and 17 of Death, Phones, & Scissors.

Additions 2023 feature all-new materials that couldn't fit in the original issues due to space and time issues. The result is a surprisingly enjoyable cross-polination of topics all in one fantastic issue.

Each page of Crap Hound is a treat to the eyes. Design-types will appreciate the incredible attention to detail of tessellation, and how each page tells a story all its own. Crafty-types and Xerox-jockeys will enjoy taking scissors to its pages and refashioning their own works. Tattoo artists will revel in the iconography on each page.

This is 112 pages of of goodness in one single staple-bound volume.

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