Please Don't Say DAMMMN Riso Print

World Famous Original

“Please dont say dammmn when you hear the price.” This one is for every small business, for every hairstylist, tattooer, vintage dealer, illustrator, graphic designer, etc. Based on a photo of a man in a bodega who had a handmade sign with these iconic words. Designed by Ben Goetting. 

6" x 11" A perfect small display size. Scarlet, Federal Blue and Yellow 3 Color Risograph Print on cream-colored mohawk paper. This paper has little flecks and bits of paper material (Kinda like US Currency paper) See the last pic.

Risograph printers are low-energy consumption and use environmentally friendly vegetable oil-based ink. However, they aren't necessarily archival.  We recommend using a UV frame or hanging away from direct sun. 

Not an ad or a collab, but I got my 1/4" Metal frame from It's a good place to start for framing. 

Printed by Risolve Studios

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