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Best Buds Pins - Pink & Brown

Sara M Lyons

show your love for your best bud with my super cute BEST BUDS 3/4" soft enamel pin set - now in a pink with brown hands!  just like the BEST FRIENDS hearts of your childhood but with a stoney twist, this 2-pin set is a replication of my original BEST BUDS illustration in super shiny soft enamel with glitter details.  i know i always say this about my pins but photos really don't even do these pins justice - they're so cute and tiny, i can barely handle it!


BEST BUDS enamel pin sets include 2 heart halves, each 3/4" tall and just 1/2" wide.  (they are seriously SO teeny tiny!)  this set features pink hearts with two shades of brown hands featuring sparkly light pink fingernails.  the halves fit together perfectly and are designed to be shared with a friend or worn as a pair.  each pin is super finely detailed with dyed black metal linework and sparkly glitter fingernails and features a rubber clutch closure. 

BEST BUDS © Sara M. Lyons 2013

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