Cute Little Lenormand Extra Querent Cards

Sara M Lyons

From Sara M Lyons - 

after i had my third edition of the cute little lenormand printed, i realized there was really no need for me to feel beholden to the old-fashioned rules of the traditional cards. in the mini-instruction booklet included with the deck, i talk a little bit about how to work with the existing querent cards (traditionally no. 28. the Gentleman, and no. 29, the Lady) if you and/or the object of your affection don't adhere to heteronormative gender roles, but i decided to create some new cards to supplement readings and make the deck more immediately inclusive for LGBTQIA+ readers and querents.

the extra querent card pack includes the following cards:

  • 28. The Lady - a variant of card no. 29, the Lady.
  • 29. The Gentleman - a variant of card no. 28, the Gentleman.
  • 28. The Querent - a non-gendered significator card to represent the querent. 
  • 29. The Lover - a non-gendered significator card to represent the querent's partner or object of affection. 

it also includes a mini booklet with suggestions for incorporating these cards into your existing deck. the EXTRA QUERENT CARDS come packed in a crystal clear bag with header card. 

for more about the lenormand and to see the individual cards, follow the hashtag #cutelittlelenormand

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