Cute Little Lenormand Card Deck

Sara M Lyons

From Sara M Lyons -  

i'm so proud of these cards!  lenormand is a form of cartomancy (card reading) with roots in 18th and 19th century germany and france, and it's my personal favorite way to read cards.  i've wanted to design a deck ever since i started learning this method and i'm so excited to finally reintroduce the CUTE LITTLE LENORMAND, a total labor of love - now in its third printing!

whether you're a novice or a seasoned card reader, if you like your divination tools cute (like i do!) i think you're going to love my CUTE LITTLE LENORMAND.  each deck includes the complete petit jeu lenormand - 36 cards, each with an original illustration by yours truly sara m. lyons and featuring corresponding traditional playing card insets - as well as an 8-page mini instruction booklet, which i wrote myself and which outlines the meanings of each card as well as some simple beginner's layouts, all in a full color gradient tuck box.
the CUTE LITTLE LENORMAND is a poker-sized card deck, with each card measuring approximately 2½" x 3½ and a full deck thickness of about 1/2".  these are quite a bit smaller than traditional tarot decks, making them a great size to carry in a purse or pocket.  the cards have a smooth finish and a black core which keeps them opaque even in bright light.  
for more about the lenormand and to see the individual cards, follow the hashtag #cutelittlelenormand

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