Crystal Ball Zip Pouch Plush

Sara M Lyons

Sara M Lyons' cute CRYSTAL BALL is now your new plush friend who wants to help you carry your small things everywhere! how can u resist these magical vibes?

this lil buddy has a lobster clip attachment so you can clip it to your keys or let it dangle off a bag, or you remove the keychain altogether if you prefer! it's also TOTALLY machine washable, so you don't have to worry about dirt on your new bb's soft purple fluff. 

some examples of things it can carry with room to spare, so you can get an idea of the interior size:

  • smaller makeup items (like 2-3 compacts, or a bunch of lipsticks)
  • a standard-size deck of cards (such as my cute little lenormand deck!)
  • a pack of cigarettes and a lighter   

obviously you could also keep all your small essentials together in here, use it as as an on-the-go magical kit or stash pouch, or just let it dangle all cute off your favorite purse!

(looking for something a little bigger? the happy ghost has an extra couple inches of interior space!)

usable interior space for the crystal ball zip pouch is about 4.5" deep and about 4.5" wide. the pouch's exterior size is about 6" high from the top of the crystal ball to the bottom of the base, and about 5.25" wide. the pouch's zipper opening is about 5". 

the crystal ball's "base" is 3D and can fold outward and expand like a real crystal ball base. hard to show in a photo, but it's a super cute detail! 

the pouch dangles from a 3" lobster claw keychain attachment with a small clasp that clips to the pouch by a sewn-in nylon loop cord, so you can remove the keychain attachment from the pouch if you prefer.

each crystal ball zip pouch is made of super soft purple cotton poly plush with a black plush base and yellow embroidered stars on the front, a purple zipper and purple pouch interior my sara m. lyons logo is embroidered on the back in black.  

to clean, machine wash (on a gentle cycle if possible) and tumble dry. remove the keychain attachment before washing!

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