Custom Mini Chainstitch Letters

World Famous Original

Handmade on a Vintage Chainstitch Embroidery machine these patches stand 2" high on average & 3.5" high for the hearts. They are the smaller, less expensive cousin of our hand made chenille letters

This is a PER LETTER PRICE. If you are ordering more than one letter at a time please write "connected" along with the thread color if you want them like the "NM" patch in the photo. Please write "Separate" if you want separate letter patches. 

They are embroidered on a single layer of scrim felt and have no backing. You will need to sew them on.

When ordering please choose your felt color from the drop down list and be as descriptive as possible for the thread color. For example "The same pink you used for the letter "D" sample" or "Green, but a bright green not an army green" List a second choice if possible or contact me before ordering if you have a special color in mind to see if I can match it. 



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