Scratch-off Oracle Cards 5 pack

Sara M Lyons

scratch off to reveal your magical message!

Sara M Lyons' new SINGLE USE SCRATCH OFF ORACLE CARD packs are perfect for divination on the go! playing with the idea of magical symbolism and using some of my favorite recurring motifs from my own artwork, i've created a quick little oracle that you can tuck into a birthday card or keep in your wallet! 

these tiny FORTUNE TELLERS and INTENTION SETTERS can help you set the day's mood, offer guidance, or help you decide your destiny. with 18 different potential outcomes possible, all of them affirming, they're designed to add a little magical spark to your day. some symbols give you something to look forward to or focus on, others help you to look inward or take a moment for yourself. they make great conversation starters or pick-me-ups, too!

each pack contains five 2.5" square scratch off cards tucked into a resealable holographic zip bag. (when you're done with your scratch offs, the labels can be removed and this bag can be reused!) 

in your pack, you will receive either 2 fortune teller cards and 3 intention setter cards, or 3 fortune tellers and 2 intention setters. each card has a 1" round glitter scratch-off surface on the front which conceals your magical message, and a key with all 18 potential outcomes on the back.

packs of 5 are guaranteed not to contain any duplicate symbols (however, if you order multiple sets, you may get some of the same symbols across your various packs)! 

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